bitquick exchange review
Let a countdown to our review of the Bitquick Exchange begin! On the 27th of February in 2014 was announced that the market place had gathered the reserves to start working. Additionally, they simplified such processes as selling and buying, expected to be performed first. And they couldn’t go wrong.

That was not all though, readers! Before re-branding on October 8, 2013, the exchange had been known as BuyBitcoin.US. So you know.

Before expressing our opinion about it, we suggest you going through other users’ comments. Here is what we’ve found. On forums, it is honored as the best and fastest service for converting BTC into FIAT and vice versa, according to their feedback. We also present a list of pros for letting you see the exchange accomplishments in the industry and cons – to be aware of, we’ve learned from the material.

Pros Cons
  • Trading cash
  • Compulsory bank visit
  • High transferring speed
  • High fees
  • 256 bit SSL encryption
  • Has been attacked
  • SEPA transfer
  • A month-long outage
  • Fast communication
  • Daily server backups

Trading Pairs on Bitquick

Previously announced fiats include Euro, Russian Ruble and US, Australian, Canadian Dollars. Check out its complete list on the website. Digital currencies transfer will take place on a condition that it is made with Bitcoins. But this review hasn’t sealed yet.

Payment Options

bitquick payment methods
Our group may have just searched out the biggest advantage for the Bitquick fans! The popular exchange provides the participants the safety. Look, clearly, if you have two or three orders on hold, unpaid only, the Bitquick bans your profile and removes it from their platform in 72 hours. Be on the patrol as we are!

What’s the practical state of things? When seller and buyer find each other on the platform, it means that one (buyer) goes to the stated by the seller bank and replenishes the seller’s account with a cash, considering the 2% trade fee. Having settled that bill, you wait for the owner of bitcoin to transfer BTC to your Bitquick account.

For the future, once you have got a chance to learn it first hand, mind the 5% charge if you decide to avail of the fee-free withdrawal of the digital currency out the escrow address.

Verification and Security

Clients claim the security issues had caused tension and distrust, after a month long stop work of the site in the past. While now people have admit keeping on the control the verification and safety aspects, despite the fact that no one was hurt during the March’s exchange shut down, 2017.

bitquick verification process
You never make a double-check if you haven’t experienced such difficulties. Still, we would ask you to look through the next paragraph and understand its statements. The requirements for the parties are:

  • Buyer: external wallet address, email, sms confirmation.
  • Seller: fill in the short form with personal information (i. e. national IDs, passport, driver’s license photo).

FYI. No data about the security protocols is publicly available, besides the fact that all escrow address keys are stored offline.

Trading on Bitquick

Now if you want to make an online trading debut on the platform, study the must-know statements, we carefully selected prior, to make you operate on the exchange like a pro. Not a big deal? Yep, the website is user-friendly and easy to navigate. And fine, you might go over our tutorial, but those who stay with us, would get their bonus 😉


We already have a thing in common – we also like streamlining the processes. And while the other just start reading the article, you can perform your first order of buying already: the system looks like trying to help you start and cope with the deadline pressure.

how to buy on bitquick

  • Enroll the sum
  • Enter email
  • BTC address
  • Conduct the research on each banking option
  • Choose a method with a suited price per bitcoin
  • Get the seller’s wallet address
  • Cash purchase of the seller’s account is next
  • It will take a second up to 3 SLA agreed hours to close the deal
  • It’s sort of an end, but not. Upload the receipt photo, confirming the operation. No disputes will occur. Bitquick guarantees.


According to the rules, you should share your personal data with the Bitquick to begin selling BTC. Our source told us his stepwise direction that following the successful dealing, before approving a handled sale.

how to sell on bitquick
However, you could confirm the needed details by finishing our Bitquick review of selling:

  • Enroll the sum
  • Enter email
  • BTC address
  • Determine the amount, set for sale
  • Min limit on a sum per transaction
  • Point out the range frames for the average price per cent (%)
  • Receive an offer from a buyer
  • Study 2 ways of the confirmation email
  • #1: get the deposit, then release the escrow
  • #2: dispute that deposit
  • Your answer is demanded in 3 hours