For beginners — we’ve got great news! — Binance coin is simple to find, get and operate with, despite that it works within a single platform, then it simply isn’t a thing yet.

The Current Hype: BNB Coin. And it is the subject of our next article. As the world is getting obsessed with the thing, marked as “popular” crypto currency, we are learning how our gained knowledge about bnb may help our audience in the near future, by exploring rules, hidden pitfalls, nuances of operating, etc.

That is not your thing? And at the end of this review, you can change your point on another. Just give the survey a chance 😉 But first comes first. Who, when, where, what? The questions are taken up in our heads one by one. Not so much information is available for public, but we’ve got trusted sources to dig up deeper in the matter.

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And before we get down to business and provide you with our full range of tutorials, notes, tips, maybe, some secrets (sure thing!), our investigators offer us to delve into the very beginning, the birth of the coin. So, why not?

This baby-coin is hardly a year (07/2017), maybe, here is the reason why it is on demand now all over the globe. Or should we say thank you to ChangPeng Zhao, who knows how to make millions?

The founder has a high-profile rank of the tech head for, we’ve checked. He now deals with over thirty platforms in the industry, it is likely that he has implemented all best features based on his past experience.

According to another source, once it approves itself, it will become the Chinese decentralized exchange currency sooner or later. Of course, ChangPeng Zhao can’t wait to see it and let the events develop more rapidly. How?

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He is very into it as our recent researches attest – 50% discounts for the owners, that is for the first year than it goes down, of course; the maintenance of a deflation like every quarter; rebate, etc. All the perks you will get when becoming a member of the Binance, of course.

The BNB owners decided they desire the clients to feel involved in the process. What do we mean under this? They started with implementing the ICO LaunchPad, maybe more features, options and programs are ahead, which would reflect the needs of the coin holders.

So, do you still need a fast, fairly priced, available worldwide coin? BNB has it all. Needless to appraise the Binance platform itself as it’s proved itself remarkably effective too. Now, take a glance what we’ve pulled out from the Internet depths for you.

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Discounted trading fees
  • Not mineable
  • Buybacks
  • Workable within Binance
  • Participation in new ICOs
  • Lacks of options of converting to fiat currency

Does this half of the review carry any of your points? If you know the answer to the question, you can proceed or not to know how to use the data in practice.

Purchase BNB with Fiat Currencies

buy bnb with fiat

So, we are in for it too. However, it seems we will fall down trying to gain it thru a credit card, a wire transfer or an e-wallet direct purchase, let alone using a fiat currency.

We were thinking maybe you could buy it with another cryptocurrency. We’ve figured out that this is an option to Americans, Europeans, Australians and Singaporeans to acquire BTC, ETH, LTC on CEX.IO and convert into BNB.

Buy Binance Coin with Altcoins

buy bnb with altcoins

The path to be described: Our team always finds a way out. In anticipation of a wider BNB popular appeal, you now may be sure, you will not hold back, because we prepared a full guide with names, fees, banking options, currencies disclosed.

And, within BNB buy, CEX IO is the first exchange to gain multiple approves from the experts after its appearance in the industry. With its high security, banking assortment and continuous updates, the platform deserves your crypto funding, which may be done in convenient way for you.

When you get onto the site, you will see it is easy to use, all options are within your capabilities to see them. Later on, you get back to Binance. Like many other users, you are at a loss.

The right order of actions would be so: open up Binance profile; get a picked currency deposit address; estimate a value; deposit; copy, paste the given address into your selected currency wallet; go on the BNB market; choose a pair; submit the order; click “sell” and someone will buy it with Binance coins.

While this is not a variant for everyone, we think that the experience does allow you to really get into the matter of the crypto currency things a little bit and how the process works, which we think is always useful experience.