The market of digital currencies includes so many titles that each one should do something unique in order to stand out of the list. The main purpose of Icon is to hyperconnect the world, this statement is pretty loud, so, let us observe what exactly ICX is.

The company wants to establish the biggest decentralized network ever. Actually, everything started in 2016, when A Korean organization named Dayli Financial Group founded the enterprise. Yet, behind ICX, there stand several companies, including Dayli Intelligence, Icon Foundation, etc.

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Icon is an interchain platform, which serves as a contact point of various e-money, such as ETH, BTC, NEO, and more. Such blockchains that can be governed independently, they are guided by their own rules and can operate on the ICX platform in order to work with each other. Instead, if you use, for instance, Nexus, they have to abide by some certain rules.

This tendency pushes Icon to become the largest chain of blocks in the world. Besides, this is a great way to allow blockchains to be irrespective and do what they want. They also can leverage the top points of other chains and take them to one platform.

Herewith, ICX is also a separate digital coin, which you can use on the self-named platform. This token also makes it possible to transact various cryptocurrencies. This happens due to determining their exchange rate via DEX Reserve.

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The value of Icon as an electronic token has increased over 2017. Once referring to the latest episode taking place on the markets, the price has gone down from the peak of $4.6 billion. Nevertheless, the forecast is positive and the coin still gains popularity.

Thus, according to the current registration, the value of ICX token is $7.98. And in case this point refers to the strong sides of the e-money, there are also other items to be viewed. Remember to check out both advantages and disadvantages before selecting any way. It is better to be aware of each possible solution.

Pros Cons
  • Wide range of partnerships
  • Can be traded on HitBTC only
  • Provides low prices
  • Some difficulties occur when getting in touch
  • Offers a low total market value
  • Poor communication
  • Not so many ways to purchase the coins

Get ICX with Fiat Currency

buy icx with fiatThis point refers to the downsides of the company. The more ways there are to buy some crypto money, the more popular it is. Unfortunately, it is totally impossible to purchase the token with any fiat currency. Yes, this makes the process of owning ICX harder.

Reading several surveys thru the net, you will also find out that you are unable to own the e-money neither thru any credit card, nor with wire transfer or e-wallet. So, what are you supposed to do? Well, the single possible method to become an owner of Icon is purchasing it with other altcoins.

Yes, this scheme is not very convenient for those, who don’t have any other cryptocurrency. Now, you are to think about getting another digital exchange for that. Below, you will find a detailed instruction how to manage the process and create your ICX wallet online.

Buy Icon with Other Altcoins

buy icx with altcoinsAs we have already mentioned, you can buy ICX with another e-money, preferably Bitcoin or Ether. Why have we pointed out these variants? Cause it is easy to acquire them via CC or e-wallet.

After that you can find an online exchange house and trade them for Icon. Here is a short manual for all beginners to try the procedure. The most popular platform for trading cryptocurrencies is Binance, so, follow the simple steps in order to own ICX asap.

So, before any moves are possible, there is an obligatory and pretty predictable step – you are to create an account on the site and become a registered member. All you need for that is to provide an active e-mail address and a secure password.

After that, there is a stage with your account verification. That is when you are to follow the link sent to your email and complete the formation of your profile. Now, you are to visit the section with Deposit/Withdrawal and send cryptos to fill in your balance.

Right when you have found the necessary e-currency (you can use the Search option), click the Deposit button presented in front of it. This step leads to creating a wallet required in order to store the coins on the site. This address is what you are to copy and send the tokens to.

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Right when everything is done, wait for several minutes for the operation to get completed. You will notice your amount grow up as a result. The most responsible moment comes when you are to put the exchange link right next to the Binance logo on the home page and wait, when clicking the Basic button.

Now, pick the ICX/ETH pair and pick how much you want to convert. Please, notice that if case you select another crypto coin for the operation, you are to select another pair, Yet, Ether provides the cheapest conditions, that is why, we have taken this very e-currency as an example.

The final stage includes buy ICX button, which you are to choose and own as many tokens as you want. See, the procedure is quite simple. The only thing you are to think about is the exchange house you want to use. Easy, secure and convenient. What else can one wish for?