The happy news comes today. We are going to wade through innumerable nuances of buying, selling processes featuring XLM, you might have heard as of a Ripple fork. Never our experts to shy away from tough questions regarding crypto coins, don’t they? Stellar Lumens created by Jed McCaleb, the co-founder of Ripple coin, is an answer to the crypto fan queries.

Earlier, in 2013, the inventor spilled on the Internet this new crypto money platform and its currency – XLM. Then some of our experts, they have reviewed all the positive and negative sides of the novelty, to give the in-depth knowledge to our audience firsthand.
stellar lumens review First of all, when he, the creator who improved the Ripple protocol technology in the manner, was asked which crypto would emerge victorious between them, he didn’t blink and said that XLM is a project, which should be taken by itself, and both have the potential to attract and grow.

Before we would reference the differences, think you should definitely take a look at the top pros and cons gathered throughout the online crypto world by views of major reviewers and users of the system.

Pros Cons
  • cheap
  • 90% belongs to Lumens owners
  • free source
  • fork of Ripple
  • fast (3-4 seconds)
  • decentralized
  • open
  • unknown

Buy Stellar Lumens with Other Cryptocoins

buy stellar with other cryptosEver since then, people have continued to share ways of buying Stellar with her friends, including the videos which we learned inside out. The money may just be bought on different platforms, but we would give examples in some cases where we know the interested would be limited.

While the coin is not available everywhere, you may have BTC or ETH right after few clicks. Agree? They are already big brands proven to be stable. But we wanna play with something new, don’t we? So, let’s go.

So with that, you should open up the profile at popular exchanges with these cryptocurrencies as it seems, we would choose or Coinmama as being tried and true already (no surprises are expected), then repeat same actions with another platform (talking about the registry) – Binance – for completing the money withdrawal into already the Binance account.

And we’ve learned hard that making sure of availability a pair with XLM and your chosen coin (i.e. ETH or BTC) is crucial for finishing such a purchase. What to do next when you acquire some Stellar?

Contrary to the exchanges, there are special wallets where you may hold the Stellar or other coins for better times, where they are far from hackers, always waiting for you online. Choose cold wallets dedicated to the money (Stellar wallets) as they would match all the requirements of the latter, thus yours.

Also, many reviewers as we give sellers a preview of the opposite process when sharing details about the operations, giving tips, and more. As you see, it is possible to put XLM up for sale too. Pay attention to offered pairs and everything will be as easy as fast.

Get XLM with Fiat Currencies

buy stellar with fiat moneyFor starters, if you have only fiat currencies – USD, EUR, etc., things get even more particular if you set the specific parameters for having the coin to yourself. What do we mean…

You should be a CEX member if you are planning the fiat purchase, for example, where you will face no troubles with the transactions of the kind. You should be ready for higher fees for supplying you with the exclusive opportunities of a sort. (Which, for the record, they do: “CEX does like make all possible!”)

Purchase Stellar with Credit Card

buy stellar with credit or debit cardTrust us, it wouldn’t be easy as no secure way to perform it is, but you may take a shot the best way possible. What else could you do?

Well, there are widely used credit cards, which you can get involved into the process by way of starting the trading at Changelly where the crypto is actual.