Our reviewers are trying to set the trend for buying Steem. Sometimes, you need to mix coins up. In honor of the new coin – we decide to devote to the nuances, niceties – that come with – and give our exclusive attention to that matter in our survey.

The New-York-based and Virginia-headquartered social enterprise is run by Net Scott with his co-founder Dan Larimer, who were busy working on the blockchain content platform, expanding its services and planning the creation of the comment and posts’ system on it over years.

how to buy steem

So when (in 2016) it came in, getting ready for a public use… The principle of online interaction of this networking website caught the people, interested in the Steem blockchain database, fancy.

A lot of thought had gone into those options we would say. These are exactly what Steem offers, including its strengths and weaknesses, some opportunities and threats it hides:

Pros Cons
  • advertisement-free
  • lacks likes
  • the awarding system for members
  • no chat option
  • privacy
  • no chance to form up a group
  • a good customer interaction
  • so-so UI and UX
  • free shared code; decentralized
  • the half-backed reward policy

Get Steem with Credit|Debit Card

buy steem with debit or credit card

Here, we’re revealing how to buy the steem with the credit/debit card as Visa or Mastercard on trading platforms in an exclusive review paragraph from our team.

As being the most searched out topic among the Internet users, we suggest taking look at the table below to be in the picture of Credit/Debit Card exploitation with the reference to our theme.

You may observe such notions as purchase fee variations and restricted amounts you can’t go over when making the input. Also, we’d like to add that it depends on days you use the system, as well as your location. For example, in Europe, this index starts at $100 from the beginning.

Card Fees on Purchasing Deposit Limits
visa limits no icon $50-$500
mastercard limits no icon $50-$500

Buy Steem with Another Cryptocurrency

buy steem with another cryptocurrency

However, there are new tracks to step on. As the coin grows in supply each year, we’re a hundred percent positive about its future, right from the moment it had been first whitepaper-published in the early spring, 2016, for the record.

On top of this, it had been in Beta until July 4th 2016. We can continue without a pause, and now we touch the topic with alternatives to Visa, or the same MasterCard we’ve mentioned above.

And there is a nice option to get the Steem power, or dollars, despite the chance to convert them into Bitcoins, for consideration and studying with a help of the coin. So with that, how to break out of the Steem cryptocurrency form? Buy the crypto-money through Changelly for BTC or ETH. In what a way? Here’s the short manual:

  • buy first BTC/ETH on CEX.IO (with your card);
  • go to Changelly;
  • exchange (your crypto – Steem).

Purchase This Cryptocoin with Cash

buy steem with cash

The thing with the Steem dollars is that you always pay attention to the fees and extra opportunities. The biggest misconception is ignorance.

We don’t believe in this. We’ve had a lot of experience in the past with getting the Steem by way of the ATMs (automatic teller machines) and the tried broker dealers.

There’s nothing wrong with finding more ways to what works not in your favor, but you should desire to think outside your box. The next example is presented for you. Keep reading.

Buy Steem with Paypal

buy steem with paypal

We can’t purchase the coin via the exact payment service, but we can tell you how to fix the problem and what to pay attention to. It’s just not realistic, it is a way out.

As the exchanges suggest BTC or ETH first and foremost through the PayPal, let’s go that way. Your wallet of the banking method should be classified as local, referring to the country the chosen exchange belongs to.

Then just buy bitcoins on some of the local exchange platforms. To change the money into Steem on the platform or look for better solution with the btc/eth – steem pair is up to you. Treat yourself to this service, the Steem might be the reason why so many people benefited from cryptocurrencies.

Another digital coin made move to popularity. Check its achievements to make up your mind based on the figures and facts: Facebook (13,000+ Like it), 13,800+ Follow on Twitter, 1,650+ – on YouTube, Reddit amounts 7,150+ fans.