People are “embarrassed” by the recent appearance of different cryptocurrencies. As former users of fiat, many are embarrassed and ashamed they can’t get the digital money, for example Ontology. They don’t even know why they need it. I sincerely apologize, but the ONT is a token distributed to the users and depositors of NEO coin in airdrop.
ontology guide
I understand that people are still poorly aware of its options, however, the usage of the crypto is unavoidable if you use such service as Binance and the above-mentioned NEO. Many digital currencies appeared in 2018, so I suggest to weigh all the pros and cons:

Pros Cons
  • Unique Consensus
  • Available in China only
  • Wide application
  • New project
  • Secure Proof-of-Work & Proof of Stake
  • Still need improvements

Purchase ONT with Fiat Currency

buy ont with fiatI think ONT coin is going to be the one to grow in a price and popularity. By now it’s clear that you cannot buy it directly with your cash. I am literally talking about that fact right now, you cannot get it using PayPal or any bank transfer either.

You may agree upon a face-to-face meeting with some ONT seller, but it is risky and expensive. So, let’s be realistic about it too. But it makes a sense for the interested to get acquainted with my guide where I’m opening up about a secure and cheap way to get the crypto. Can you hear it? Over the cries, knock-on effects of drama, I’m here, and I hope my guide will be helpful.

Buy Ontology with Altcoins

Since that, guesses have been made how to get those things done. I have an idea about how to buy Ontology with altcoins. If you want to investigate the matter citing personal purposes, in the tutorial below, one may detail what it takes:

  1. Go on CEX.IO
  2. Register with CEX.IO
  3. Add credit card to CEX.IO
  4. Purchase BTC
  5. Withdraw BTC
  6. Go on Binance
  7. Register with Binance
  8. Find BTC/ONT pair
  9. Make an exchange

buying ont on binance

Wallets to Store Your Coins

ont walletsOne day you may find your coins gone. You are thinking how did it happen? Everything is simple, the only tool needed for cyber thieves is your private key. Do you remember that most crypto currencies mean no third-party validation or human interference?

Only the key identifies the user or the owner of the assets. Since then, one has started trying to break the code, another – to pick up the secure wallets for storing the money. The things will be going well and safe if you beat that matter out though. As evident, I will be talking about ONT-friendly wallets here.

Yes, there are at least 4 options to choose from: hardware, desktop, web and mobile. So, with the news told, I guess you will need some particular wallets to check:

  • Hardware: Ledger Nano S and Ledger Blue
  • Desktop: Neon, Morpheus
  • Web: NEO Tracker, NEO WALLET
  • Mobile: O3

I do know they are all safe but you’re still getting to know each of them better. Even though there are many alternatives, I assured people that the best wallets are hardware.